3 girls i know, a documentary film by Paula Mozen


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This guide is targeted to educators and written to offer viewing ideas and suggestions that can work with the structure of the film. Ideally, It can be used in classrooms with youth groups, community and public health organizations, adolescent outreach and counseling/peer programs, university health organizations, freshman orientation programs and by parents who wish to view the film with their own adolescent children.

This film may be shown in its entirety or shown in chapters that are structured into the film. Although the entire film (54 minutes) follows the three girls from junior high into their late teens, each chapter is organized around specific issues they encounter and can be used on its own. In this guide, issues and questions for discussion are presented chapter-by-chapter.

At the end of the screening and after discussing the film, participants will be able to:

1. Reflect on their own sexual decision-making and its consequences;
2. Understand the role that self-esteem plays in sexual decision-making;
3. Identify and evaluate multiple pressures on sexual decision-making, such as the mass media, peers, parents, and potential sexual partners;
4. Understand basic statistics about HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, and sexual orientation;
5. Know where to find more information about HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, and sexual orientation.