3 girls i know, a documentary film by Paula Mozen


"We purchased a copy of the film for each of SFUSD’s middle and high schools to assist educators in beginning sensitive conversations around HIV, pregnancy prevention, and coming out as gay, lesbian or bisexual as part of a comprehensive Health Education curriculum.

The film was reviewed by the SHPD Curriculum and materials Review Task force, which convenes bi-annually to review materials related to sexuality. The task force, compromised of educators, community members, nurses, and representatives of the faith community, applauded the film’s rich content and unanimously agreed that 3 girls i know should be a supplemental resource in all of our secondary schools." download Read the complete review

— Ilsa Bertolini, School Climate Coordinator
School Health Programs Department
San Francisco Unified School District

“With 3 girls i know…Mozen has provided an impressive alternative to both Mean Girls fluff and sixth-period health class flickerings, plumbing both the euphoria and the catastrophe of adolescent decision-making and finding survival on the other side.” Read the complete review Requires Adobe Acrobat
— Chris Wood, Baltimore City Paper

“For the millions of women living with HIV/AIDS-as well as those who hope to avoid contracting the virus-the sound advice and personal experience of these young women will be welcome.”
Recommended, -Video Librarian Read the complete review

star “This film, which gets viewers involved with three articulate girls, is an interesting way to show the need for safe sex.” -School Library Journal Read the complete review

“The issues they're facing are relevant to every young woman's coming of age. This is honesty, coupled with a personal look inside each of these young girls. And it is this quality that makes the film so harsh, yet heartwarming. The resilience they exhibit through adversity is strong.” Read the complete review
Highly recommended, EMRO Educational Media Reviews Online

“This poignant, hard-hitting documentary examines teen sexuality, pregnancy, and HIV/AIDS by focusing on the lives of three very different young women…this program offers facts and information to help teens make informed decisions about their own sexuality and sexual behavior.” Read the complete review
— Booklist

“3 girls I know…is a well-constructed documentary with an ambitious scope weaving narratives of single motherhood, lesbian identification and positive HIV infection together into a single film… I would urge the showing of this documentary in every middle and high school in America.”
-Laura Vasquez, PhD., Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, Northern Illinois University

star “3 girls I know makes an excellent contribution to the field and is of particular value to a variety of health professionals. The video effectively examines both the psychological; and physiological aspects of adolescent decision-making as it affects sexuality… For counselors, an excellent tool for contraceptive therapy with teenage youth. Practitioners could use (this) in a workshop setting for adolescents. Academics might use it in high school, at the undergraduate level and even in graduate research courses to illustrate the variety of issue typically faced by young adults." download Read the complete review adobe Requires Adobe Acrobat
-American Journal of Health Behavior

star“This is an engaging documentary for high school students...While approximately 42 million people live with HIV/AIDS worldwide, in the U.S . There are about 887,000 diagnosed cases of AIDS. Around 800,000 to 900,000 teens aged 19 or younger become pregnant each year in the U.S. This documentary offers an important discussion to to increase awareness of these issues.” download Read the complete review adobe Requires Adobe Acrobat
- Arun N. Toké, Editor
Skipping Stones Magazine

star download
Read the complete review adobe Requires Adobe Acrobat
- School Nurse Update
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

star “For teachers and trainers, 3 Girls I Know offers a powerful educational tool with which to engage young people and adults in meaningful discussions about sexual responsibility.”
- Online Review, National Minority AIDS Council Publications