3 girls i know, a documentary film by Paula Mozen


"Drawing upon both urban and rural American voices, the film raises the universal question of whether personal well-being and self-esteem can be taught in order to keep young women from negative effects that sometimes occur in early sexual experiences. ... an ideal length for use in women’s studies classrooms, allowing for follow-up discussion within a standard class period. Additionally, the study guide is most useful for parents, educators, and youth group leaders for the purpose of opening up a dialogue about the consequences of youth and ill informed sexual experience."
— Heidi Harold, MPA, Assistant Director of Programming
Anderson Gender Resource Center, Idaho State University

“A tool that will empower, educate, and enlighten all communities to take a greater stand in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Continue to press!”

— Pamela Johnston, MHS, Assistant Director of Treatment Education & Advocacy for National Minority AIDS Council

“How one deals with their adolescent sexual impulses can change the course of a young person's life. This film shows how three courageous girls overcame their challenges and realities to become confident advocates of personal responsibility.”

— James R. Williams, Associate Director, Johns Hopkins University, Center for Communication Programs

“I loved the film.... the young women were real and thoughtful!! The music was superb, too! I used the video in my class a week ago and students thought it was very well done (we) had an engaging conversation.
—Cheryl L. Giles, Psy.D, Professor of the Practice in Pastoral Counseling, Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge

“It is a wonderful resource for use in high schools, colleges and community agencies to address issues of choices about sexuality…more challenging than teaching facts is helping teens figure out what gets in the way of them making consistently healthy choices. This film can be a powerful catalyst for discussing these important issues.”
— Bruce Jaschik-Herman, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Outreach and Consultation, Towson University

“This film most certainly provides a wonderfully realistic and poignant picture of the confusion and anxiety associated with youth sexuality… does a superb job of providing additional insights into sexual orientation as well as racial and ethnic backgrounds (not to mention the diversity related to coming from a rural versus an urban background)…This will only help us in our endeavor to promote physical and emotional health and well being among our youth.”
— Jennifer Haubenreiser, Director of Health Promotion, Student Health Service, Montana State University

“This documentary (has) created a safe haven for three beautiful, diverse young women to step forward with their own intimate storytelling of making personal choices and forging their own sexual identities in their communities… provides educators with a wonderful opportunity to introduce conversations about the intersections between culture and sexuality, as well as how people negotiate the cross sections of multiple identities.”
— Julie Lienert, Executive Director, Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSSN) San Francisco

“The stories of the girls are compelling…As both teacher of adolescents and the mother of three teenagers, I am sure that “3 girls I know…” will be a powerful life tool for teens and for people who work/live with them.”
— Mary L. Meade-Olberding, Teacher/Administrator Goldenview Middle School, Anchorage

“Our screening at Temple University was extraordinary!”
— Brenda Seals, PhD, MPH, Department of Public Health, Temple University, Philadelphia

“The film represents topics of family diversity, identity and self-esteem, external pressures of community and peers, mate selection, decision-making and coping with emphasis on adolescence life span development. The film is a great learning tool that represents real life experiences.”
— Gina Costa, Assistant Professor, Family Studies at Towson University

“…A tool that will empower, educate, and enlighten all communities to take a greater stand in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Continue to press!”
-Pamela Johnston, MHS, Assistant Director of Treatment Education & Advocacy for National Minority AIDS Council

"An honest, accurate look at the issues facing lesbian and bisexual students."
-Ron Schlittler, Deputy Executive Director, PFLAG

“Last Thursday, Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition of North Carolina (APPCNC) held an HIV education integration training…Our aim is to unify the efforts of sexuality education for pregnancy prevention, HIV/STD prevention and general sexual health into current teen services and programming. (The) film wove these things together, making it clear that these arenas are not mutually exclusive and demand a comprehensive, responsible response to educating youths in all areas of sexual and reproductive health.”
-Kay Phillips, Executive Director , Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention of North Carolina

“Thank you for participating in the DREAM Film Series presented by the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site and (the Atlanta) IMAGE Film and Video Center in July. (The film) is greatly needed and raises awareness of social problems that persist in our communities.
-Marty Smith, Park Ranger and Film Curator, United States of the Interior, Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site, Atlanta

“(the) film drew a standing room only audience in the middle of the week before final exams… It is not only an important film because of the issues it raises around HIV/AIDS and teen pregnancy, but it clearly fills a need that people have to hear the stories of young people about the challenges and rewards of growing up…It is a remarkable film, in its honesty, clarity and breadth.”
-Laura Kissel, Assistant Professor of Media Arts, University of South Carolina

Thank you so much for the opportunity to show your film, 3 girls I know…”, at Charis Books…. . Among the group, we had a 15 year old girl with both her mother and her step-mother. Another young woman came with her mom and later they both told me that after the film they were able to have their most open conversation ever about sex… I hope that many, many young people (and many parents too) will see this film and will use it to be more awake to the real consequences of sexual engagement.”
–Linda Bryant, Founder of CHARIS Bookstore and CHARIS Circle, Atlanta, Georgia

“3 girls I know, is a well-constructed documentary with an ambitious scope weaving narratives of single motherhood, lesbian identification and positive HIV infection together into a single film… I would urge the showing of this documentary in every middle and high school in America.”
-Laura Vasquez, PhD., Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, Northern Illinois University

“It was very well done. The stories of each young woman were well-developed and kept (our ) interest … the film was approved by the by the program review panel and given ‘recommended’ status (that doesn’t happen often!).
-Rhonda Bantsimba, Manager, Education, Training and Resource Development Unit, HIV/AIDS Prevention Section, Michigan Department of Community Health

“Being in a rural area, 3 girls I know was a real eye opener for my students. It has given real meaning to the outcomes of decisions made at a young age.” - Adrianne Klein, Principal of Priddy Independent School District, Priddy, Texas